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With All This Technology, Who Needs Recruiters Anymore?

Deciding to use a recruiter can be beneficial to both a potential job candidates and an employer. Successful recruiters often have many relationships with a diverse group of companies, which helps the recruiter understand what type of employee an employer is seeking. In turn, this helps the recruiter place a job candidate with the right […]

How to Make Sure Someone Else Gets Hired for that Career You Covet.

You’ve been training for the sales industry; you’ve got the perfect personality, never meet a stranger, and your motivation is through the roof. You’re ready to knock them down with your product or service, which is of course the best they will ever find. Now that you’re stoked and ready to go land that high-paying […]

Your Posts May Haunt You If You’re Searching For a Job.

 Sure, nearly everyone has a Facebook account today and it’s fun – even nearly addictive to some people. Frequently, people post about whatever they are thinking at the time – which could be detrimental in your job search. Whether you’re venting about your boss or a co-worker, or bragging about that new tattoo you got, […]

What Does the “Ideal” Candidate Have That You Don’t?

 The perfect sales person is never satisfied. Are you a strong, driven type who constantly desires to exceed previous accomplishments? The ideal sales person is never satisfied with their results, even if those results are exceptional. They constantly strive to make that “one more sale” or to beat their previous months sales. Everywhere you go, […]

Top Sales People Share Common Characteristics

When it is up to you to hire that “perfect” sales person, one that will increase revenue for your company, do you often go off of your “gut” instinct?  This happens all the time – and it often leads to you hiring someone who is incapable of producing the results you are looking for.  It’s […]

15 Ways To Annoy Your Interviewer

15 Ways to Annoy Your Job Interviewer  by Karen Burns Of course, almost everyone knows you shouldn’t light up a cigarette at a job interview, or text your closest friend, or eat, or bring your dog, or show up drunk, or challenge the interviewer to arm wrestle (all things people have actually done at job […]

Job Seekers, Beware!

By SARAH E. NEEDLEMAN from the Wall Street Journal There’s been no shortage of warnings about the career dangers of posting racy content on sites like Facebook and Twitter. Yet many job hunters still don’t heed that advice, and others don’t realize they’re doing just as much damage by doing things like bending the truth […]