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HR No No’s – What NOT To Ask An Interviewee!

When it comes to interviewing a potential job candidate, there are some areas employers or hiring managers simply should not approach – at least in a direct way.  An interview should always focus on the candidate’s experience and qualifications; all questions should be job-related.  The individual conducting the interview should stay away from personal questions […]

Interview Blunders. They’re True. We promise.

It’s understandable that when you go on a job interview you may be a bit nervous or anxious; after all, you want to make the best possible impression on a prospective employer.  Sometimes, trying so hard and getting overly stressed about your upcoming interview can make things worse.  What are the silliest, craziest, most unbelievable […]

Need a Job? Use a Recruiter to Your Best Advantage.

Recruiters are in the business of matching up companies in need of employees with the ideal candidate. There are several ways that a company can advertise an opening, which include online job boards, recruiters, networking and probing the internet for suitable candidates. All of these methods of finding the right employee are extremely time-consuming, and […]