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How To Quit Your Job

Most career advice is focused on obtaining a job and keeping a job. How should you structure your resume, what avenues to search for a position, how to properly network with strangers and friends. But, today, we’re going to look at the proper way to leave a job. Most certainly you have come across viral […]

Should You Use Social Media to Job Search?

Social media is not only a relatively new phenomenon, it has also, during its short lifespan, seen rapid advances in the types of social media available and the uses people place on them. Facebook, started a decade ago in a dorm room, currently has 1.15 billion users. Twitter has half of that. LinkedIn, with 238 […]

Time For a Resume Tune-Up!

If employers could convey one thing to prospective employees, it would be to look at your resume before you send it in to correct obvious mistakes like proofreading, but, more importantly, take a step back and look at the resume through eyes of the person hiring for the position you want and remove anything that […]

Tis The Season For Seasonal Employment

With the economy in a recession, many potential employers are looking for ways to cut costs. Often this means keeping a minimal staff and bringing on more help only when needed. Seasonal and temporary positions are becoming much more common.  Keep in mind that seasonal employment doesn’t only mean holiday retail, but extends to summer […]

So You Got The Job, Now What?

by Tom Bryan First Day Tips to Help You Keep Your New Job   Congratulations! You’ve accepted an offer for a new job and left the unemployment ranks that are nearly 14 million strong in the United States. With literally millions of individuals vying for a job, your new focus has to be on keeping […]

The On Purpose Job Search

Applying certain strategies helps to ensure that your job search is effective and not a complete waste of time.  When you have a plan in place, you can avoid “spinning your wheels” so to speak, wasting time with jobs that you are either not a good fit for, or that are not a good fit […]

Top 10 Things To Avoid In an Interview

You really want that position you applied for, and now you’ve landed an interview.  What should you do, and what should you make certain you do NOT do?  It’s natural to get a little nervous, but with some practice and preparing, you can make the best possible impression. What are the top 10 things you […]

Getting The Most Out of Your Recruiter

Those who use a recruiter in their attempt to find the perfect position or career can help themselves immensely by following a few simple rules.  A recruiter, also sometimes referred to a “headhunter” can assist you in your job search, hopefully helping you find a position that is perfectly matched to your skills, qualifications and […]

Secrets You Need to Know Before a Job Interview

You’ve got all of the skills and qualifications required to meet the job criteria.  You dress in your most professional interview clothes, offer a confident handshake, show your interest, even ask a few questions of your own to show the interviewer that you have done your homework on the company.  You leave the interview feeling […]

Need a Job? Use a Recruiter to Your Best Advantage.

Recruiters are in the business of matching up companies in need of employees with the ideal candidate. There are several ways that a company can advertise an opening, which include online job boards, recruiters, networking and probing the internet for suitable candidates. All of these methods of finding the right employee are extremely time-consuming, and […]

Your Posts May Haunt You If You’re Searching For a Job.

 Sure, nearly everyone has a Facebook account today and it’s fun – even nearly addictive to some people. Frequently, people post about whatever they are thinking at the time – which could be detrimental in your job search. Whether you’re venting about your boss or a co-worker, or bragging about that new tattoo you got, […]

15 Ways To Annoy Your Interviewer

15 Ways to Annoy Your Job Interviewer  by Karen Burns Of course, almost everyone knows you shouldn’t light up a cigarette at a job interview, or text your closest friend, or eat, or bring your dog, or show up drunk, or challenge the interviewer to arm wrestle (all things people have actually done at job […]