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Time For a Resume Tune-Up!

If employers could convey one thing to prospective employees, it would be to look at your resume before you send it in to correct obvious mistakes like proofreading, but, more importantly, take a step back and look at the resume through eyes of the person hiring for the position you want and remove anything that […]

Commun Resumay Misteaks

In my profession, I often hear individuals who are struggling to find a job making the statement “If the company would have given me a chance to meet with them I would have landed the job.” My immediate response is to review their resume.  Candidates typically fail to remember that the resume is the teaser, […]

Your Resume May Be Costing You The Job

By Tom Bryan, Managing Partner, Thomas Bryan & Associates, LLC As a potential job candidate, your resume is the most important tool in your “self-marketing” arsenal!  It is the first impression you will make on an employer, but it could also be the last if your resume lacks enthusiasm or doesn’t highlight your skills and […]