Inspiring the Minds of Future Technologists
The future of IT growth depends on our charitable actions today.

Living in a digital world, technology significantly impacts our daily lives

Whether we realize it, behind every piece of amazing technology is a team of dedicated architects, programmers, coders, designers and testers who brought the technology to life. At ISGF, we believe the future of technology is dependent on the aspiring minds of our youth. They will become our future technologists.

Every child deserves the opportunity to understand technology and the crucial role it plays in our society. Providing youth with access to technology at an early age stimulates the curiosity of young minds and inspires them to learn more.

ISGF believes education to be the foundation of our society and technology plays an increasingly important role in both education and society. Because of this, we proudly support Through the ISGF Giving Page, we hand select causes across the nation that are seeking to bring more technology into the classroom. Teachers cannot do this alone. Together, we can help influence and energize the future leaders of our society one classroom at a time.

We graciously invite and call on each of you to join our cause to awaken and ignite this young generation that is our future. No donation is too small and every donation has a direct impact. Please join us in guaranteeing future generations are well prepared to confront and conquer the technology we have yet to see.