Your frequently asked questions

What’s the fee?

Service fees vary based on different factors. Variables can include, but are not limited to; scope of search assignment, complexity of search, reach of search, availability of talent pool for the required search, flexibility of our client on the requirements, deliverables, time frame, and our client’s hiring process. 

For more information or to receive a risk-free quote, please contact one of our Business Development Managers at 855.240.ISGF.

Can you send me resumes?

To bring value to your company and save you countless hours of resume review time, pre-screening time, and interview time, we handpick highly qualified candidates who have been selected for your specific role based on your specific parameters. 

Where do you find candidates?

Potential candidates are located in a variety of ways from a multitude of sources, and more times than not, good talent knows other good talent. We utilize our networks and recommend referrals from our existing talent pool from the relationships we’ve built over the last 28 years of service. 

We have a Human Resources Department. How can a recruiting firm benefit me?

Our value comes from bringing forward candidates who don’t apply to the advertisement your internal recruiting department has posted for a vacant role. Many of our clients also request that we recruit qualified candidates from their direct competitors, from a specific company or in an industry of relevance. ISGF recruiters directly target these qualified candidates for your specific roles, in a way that’s often more efficient than most HR departments.  

How do you select the candidates you send to me? How do you decide which candidates are qualified?

Candidates are selected for our clients based on a multitude of variables. These variables include, but are not limited to; skillset, years of experience, background screening, past supervisor references, skills assessments and cultural fit with your company. These variables are discussed with your Recruiting Manager before your candidates are presented, saving you time and money by narrowing down the talent pool based on your specifications.

What industries do you support?

Our expertise encompasses Information Technology, Accounting & Finance, Construction & Engineering, Clerical & Administrative, Sales & Marketing, and Customer Service Centers. We also work on positions outside of these verticals at the request of our clients. 

Please contact one of our Recruiting Managers for more information at 855.240.ISGF.

Can you Skills Test a candidate?

Yes! ISGF offers over 2,500 skills assessments from our trusted testing partner IBM. Testing ranges from specific software skills, coding & development, language skills, customer service to emotional intelligence and leadership. 

Looking for a specific assessment to assist you? Contact ISGF and speak to a Business Development Manager to discuss further assessment options.

Why is an onsite visit beneficial?

Onsite visits substantially assist us in understanding your office environment and company culture, allowing our team to ensure a better match for you and your business. The more information we have about your workplace, the better we are able to advocate the company, the role in need of filling and the opportunities available to a prospective candidate. 

Do you provide reference checks?

Yes, as company policy, we require our Recruiting Managers to conduct a minimum of 2 past supervisory employer references. A summary of the reference checks can be provided to any client at any time upon request.

Can a job be kept confidential?

Yes. Your trust is very important to us and we maintain strict policies within our organization to ensure that your search will remain confidential at your request. 

Is there a fee for Job Seekers?

No, we do not charge a fee to any job seeker who utilizes our services in finding a new job opportunity.

Do you sell or pass out my information?

No. ISGF does not share your information with any party, unless you have provided us with explicit permission to do so. If you are being presented or considered for a specific role with our client, you will be required to sign an authorization for us to represent you, as well as a background authorization request. These forms and authorizations provide us with your permission to send the resume and results of your background check (if required) to the client for review. 

For more information, please review our Terms & Conditions.

In what areas do you help people find jobs?

Our expertise encompasses Information Technology, Accounting & Finance, Construction & Engineering, Clerical & Administrative, Sales & Marketing, and Customer Service Centers. We also work on positions outside of these verticals at the request of our clients. 


If your skillset is outside our expertise, we can refer you to a recruiter who is best suited to assist you. Please contact one of our Recruiting Managers for more information. 

Do you need my references?

Yes. ISGF guarantees our clients that every candidate we represent will have a minimum of 2 past supervisory references conducted for submission. However, reference checks with your current employer would NOT be completed until an offer is accepted and you have served a two weeks’ notice.

Do you have open office hours where I can stop in?

For the safety and security of our valued employees, ISGF does not accept walk in visitors to any ISGF office without a prior scheduled or approved appointment. 

To schedule an onsite appointment, one of our Recruiting Managers would be happy to assist you by calling 855.240.ISGF.

What locations do you service?

We service our clients across all 50 states of the United States and with partnerships around the globe.

Will I have an assigned Account Manager?

Yes, all search assignments are assigned a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) to serve as your Account Manager to support all your hiring needs.