Our Top 7 Picks for Job Boards

Here Are the Best Job Boards for 2021

Monster, Indeed, CareerBuilder, the choices are infinite and frankly overwhelming. So which are the best job boards to use when searching for a job? Are they all the same? We’re here to give you the low-down on job boards and give some advice on the best ones to use as well as their differences.


  1. Google for Jobs


Let’s kick things off with Google! It seems like it may be obvious to just type your job search into Google, but surprisingly enough this is one of the newer ways to search for jobs. You can now simply search Google using keywords or job titles you’re looking for and due to Google’s famous algorithm, it will provide you with top search results that are accurate to what you’re seeking. You can even set up job alerts to be emailed to you at the frequency that you choose.


  1. DICE


Dice is an information technology and engineer-based job search site where you can upload your resume, get info on salaries, and job advice. Granted, it is geared toward these specific fields and skillsets, but it can be a great place for job seekers to represent themselves when they have these niche skills.


  1. Glassdoor


Not only does Glassdoor allow you to upload your resume, build out a profile, and find job listings, but it also has lots of company reviews. This can be beneficial in doing your research about a company so that you can see what it’s like to work there, the overall rating, and peoples’ experiences who formerly interviewed there.


  1. Monster


Monster allows you to upload your resume and have it searchable by employers while also surfing job postings. The app even has a swipe left and right feature to quickly reject jobs that don’t pertain to you or save ones that you want to apply to. Search by job title, keyword, location, and more to find positions.


  1. LinkedIn


LinkedIn is multifaceted in that it also serves as a professional social networking platform. You can search for jobs in the Jobs tab utilizing your search criteria while also potentially networking with others that could be helpful in landing the position. Additionally, there is limited potential for job scams on the platform as it is closely monitored.


  1. Indeed


Indeed is rapidly becoming the number one job search platform. It scrapes thousands of jobs from a multitude of company career pages and employers can post their jobs there as well, so there’s no shortage of job postings. You can also set up a profile on the site, upload your resume, set your job preferences, and allow employers and hiring managers to reach out to you. When searching the job boards, you can also be alerted when similar jobs are added that relate to your recent job searches!


  1. ISGF.com


Last but not least, the ISGF website has an entire jobs section for you to search our most recent open positions. You can search for your next career by job title, area of expertise, and location, then easily apply directly through our site.



There you have it! These are our top 7 choices for efficient and easy-to-use job boards. Job searching is never an easy task, but we always want to try and ease the process any way that we can. Happy job hunting!


Written by

Olivia González

ISGF Marketing



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