Hiring After Covid

It can be agreed that the Covid-19 pandemic has brought complications into all our lives. One of the many is the countless amounts of loyal employees who have lost their jobs over budget cuts caused by the economic recession brought on by Covid-19. As we begin to re-establish a stable economy, we look towards hiring new employees to fill the employment gaps in our businesses and organizations. It is important to understand that a post-pandemic hiring processes is going to be more demanding than ever. So, like the 2008 recession, the post-Covid recruiting phase will be a storm of scurried interactions between competitors and candidates.

Before you begin your recruiting process, it is essential to take note of what your organization needs. What skills, experience, and relevant work are you looking for in a candidate? If your organization took a fall during the pandemic, what is going to help pick it back up? Take note of everything that you can think of, and then use it to pick the candidate that best suits the job opening; or even one that exceeds any expectations prior to the interview.

Just like how a firm markets their products or services to attract customers, you should establish value in being employed with your organization to attract the most qualified, sought-after candidates. If you want to hire a high tier candidate, you will need to promote yourself as a high tier organization. Create sections in the job description that specify the benefits that come with the job. Aside from the usual health care, you can include characteristics of the workplace atmosphere that make it the optimal work environment.

Society’s presence on the internet has grown over the years since it became accessible to the public, but it became an even more critical part of our daily lives after the pandemic hit and most of us were required to stay home. Take advantage of social media platforms that can be an asset to your organization’s marketing strategy. Become active on your social media pages that allow you to appropriately publish and display all the extra positives of working for your organization. For example, LinkedIn allows past and current employees to leave positive reviews of their time working for the company, and Facebook is a great platform for sharing company holiday parties, birthday shoutouts, and milestone celebrations.

Consider conducting interviews on video conference services for candidates that may be immune compromised, or simply cannot meet in person for personal reasons. If the interview goes well, you always have the option to invite them to come to the office for a second, in-person interview and allow them to see the workplace for themselves. It is natural for how people view others to be heavily impacted by their initial first impressions. So, being open to a virtual job interview can deem you accommodating to candidates.

With post-pandemic recovery moving quickly, you need to always be one step ahead, or at least up to pace. As soon as the opportunity to interview a candidate arises, take it. There is a high chance that your job opening was not the only one that he or she applied for. If you are confident that this candidate has the potential to fulfill the responsibilities of the open position, and even excel in their work, you need to be quick to interview them, demonstrate the value of working for your organization, and secure them as an employee before your competitors can!

Written By: Spencer Ford
ISGF Marketing Contributor