Are You Being Watched at Work?

Are You Being Watched at Work?

Surveillance. You certainly do it to your children. The NSA does it to you. Does it happen anywhere else? You bet! Your employer.

You should always assume you are being monitored at work. Why? Your employer wants to know they are getting their money’s worth out of you. Most employers have no problems with employees taking breaks, chatting at the water cooler, or going for a quick walk. But, when you are working, you’re supposed to be actually working.

Technology and, more specifically, computers, are more and more prevalent in everyday working environments. This makes for easy collaboration between workers but it also allows for easy distractions. With a simple click of the mouse, one can go from working on a document or spreadsheet to checking Facebook, personal emails, or the news. While most employers will not be concerned with a few minutes per day, studies show that many employees are wasting hours per day doing such activities.

Most times, you will not be able to tell whether you are being monitored by your employer. So what do you do? Your job!

But because many people are unable to resist the temptation, make it a reward. For every hour of work you complete, you get five minutes to read the news. Be sure to keep it to five minutes.

Set up a schedule for your day. Work in ninety-minute blocks. Ninety minutes of intense, focused, and productive work than ten minutes of break. Your break may be taking a walk outside or around the office, getting a snack, or going to your favorite website.

Then, if your employer is monitoring you, it is easy for you to show your productivity levels have not dropped. Just be sure you’re viewing safe for work websites. Besides, you and your recruiter worked so hard to get you the job, don’t you want to keep it?


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