How to Resolve Burnout for Good

Is your full-time job, long commute to work, and stress factors starting to eat away at you? You may be starting to feel burnt out in your daily life, and you are not alone. Many Americans find their way into a daily life cycle that makes them feel that they are wasting their lives at work… But that is just the burnout talking! Here is what you can do to get yourself back on your horse, and resolve burnout for good! 


  1. Start Putting Sleep First 

One of the biggest signs of burnout is exhaustion. You feel like you do not have the energy to get through the day, yet you persevere for the sake of making it to five ‘o’clock, struggling every minute. Your tiredness then messes with your mindset and shifts your focus to the negative aspects of work, making your lunch break and the end of the day the only positive facets of your job. 

To fix this, you need to work on your sleep habits. Practice getting at least seven hours of sleep per night. Your best way of falling asleep quickly is by abstaining from using digital devices with screens within 30 minutes of when you need to go to bed. Try turning off your tv and putting your phone on Do Not Disturb. In the allotted time, you can get ready for bed, read a book, or select, and set aside the next day’s outfit. 


  1. Turn To Others  

Making time to socialize with family and/or friends outside of work can help alleviate your feeling of being burnt out. Sometimes all you need is a social reset to help you charge into the new week full speed. But whether you are one to talk about your feelings or not, being vulnerable with others is an effective way to help you get out of your funk. Being open and honest about how you feel about your current situation with the ones that care about you and vice versa allows you to get a new perspective outside of your own. 


  1.  Change Your Diet 

Some of the foods that you choose to eat can make you tired and sluggish, even influencing you to feel unmotivated. Try changing your diet to healthier, cleaner options. Instead of choosing to get pizza for lunch from that place next door out of convenience, try bringing in a homemade lunch. A salad with some baked chicken and assorted greens is a great option; even a sandwich with a healthy variety of toppings that are filling yet not too much to where you feel physically weighed down.  

Additionally, “changing your diet” does not necessarily mean “going on a diet,” but being mindful of what you put into your body. Choosing the right foods can provide your body with the balanced diet that it needs to keep a regular level of energy. Eating clean, single-ingredient meals is your best option for getting your energy back to where it was, and where it could be.  


  1. Pick Up A Book 

Social media is a false representation of people’s lives, so comparing yourself to what you see is not relevant, nor is it helpful. If you work in an office but are obsessed with the idea that your life is unsatisfactory because you are not on a yacht like your favorite influencers, you are not allowing yourself to be realistic of, happy with, or thankful for what you have already.  

A fantastic way to enlighten yourself of these burdens is to dive into a book that you enjoy. You can choose to escape reality by choosing a science/nonfiction book or work on yourself by reading a motivational self-improvement book and taking notes as you go. No matter what type of book you choose (as long as it is an actual book and not a digital copy displayed on a glowing screen), reading a book before bed rather than playing on your phone or watching TV will help you fall asleep faster, and greatly improve the quality of your sleep! 


  1. Get Into Exercising 

Regularly getting physical exercise is an amazing way to relieve yourself of negative mindsets like anxiety, depression, and sluggishness. Even therapists recommend it first to their clients before stepping up to pharmaceutical solutions. Going to the gym, or even just going for a walk, while listening to your favorite music can greatly improve your mood. And if you only have a small time slot to get moving, a short, 10-minute walk in the cool evening air could be exactly what you need!  

Physical exercise allows you to set goals and maintain a daily regimen for yourself. After putting in the work, and then finally reaching each goal that you set for yourself, you will have an additional sense of motivation to continue working on yourself, and thus have a strong grasp on your mental health.  

Bonus Tip: If you really want to challenge yourself, wake up earlier than you are accustomed to, and get your workout in before you leave for work. This way, you start your day off energized and have the rest of your day after work to work on other important goals. Just make sure you take a shower between then and leaving for work! 

All-in-all feeling burned out is completely normal. Many Americans experience this at least once in their lives, and even more experience it a few times. It is important to remember that although being physically present and ready at work is important, being there mentally is just as important. Supporting yourself using these tips is an excellent way to both prevent and resolve that dreaded burnout.

Written by

Spencer Ford

Marketing Contributor

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