Tips to make a great impression in a job interview

From the moment an interviewer meets you, they form an impression of you. Every action you take, from your introduction to the moment you walk out the door, builds upon the image the hiring manager creates in their mind of who you are as a professional and potential member of the company. Therefore, making a good impression is just as important as your skills and qualifications to land a job. To help you in your job search efforts here are our top tips to make a great impression in a job interview. 

  1. Make the interview your top priority 

There is nothing more important on the day of your job interview than the interview itself. Therefore, give it the attention it deserves. Make sure you dress professionally and conservatively, wear only a subtle amount of perfume or cologne, and get rid of unpleasantries like cigarette smell or sweat in order to impress and not overwhelm your interviewer.  

Also, get to the interview around ten to fifteen minutes early to show off your time management skills. Last, get rid of all distractions before entering the building by muting your cellphone, throwing away any gum you might be chewing, and checking for any stains or hairs out of place. Remember that your goal is to portray your professionalism and confidence through your appearance.    

  1. Practice your introduction 

Your introduction is the very first interaction you’ll have with the interviewer. If you are sitting down, make sure you stand up before shaking the interviewer’s hand. Your handshake should be firm but not too strong as to hurt the interviewer. Last, be sure to smile and introduce yourself by name to encourage the interviewer to do the same. 

  1. Work on your body language 

Your body language is a great tool to subconsciously persuade your interviewer into liking you. A good technique to do this is to try to mirror your interviewer’s body language in a subtle way to create a strong connection. Apart from mirroring and matching, make sure you respect your interviewer’s personal space and keep a confident posture at all times. 

  1. Show interest 

You might be the most qualified applicant, but if the interviewer does not see you interested in the role, you will not get hired. Before going to your interview, do some research on the company and use that information to ask smart questions and show that you are genuinely interested on the company. Also, during the interview listen with the intent of using any new information when it is time for you to speak and ask your questions about the role. Last, at the closing of the interview remind the interviewer that you are genuinely interested in the position and continuing the interview process. 

  1. Follow Up 

The interview might be over, but you can still build on the positive impression you left the interviewer with. Wait for a couple of hours to pass after your interview and write a thank you letter to the hiring manager. Make sure to show gratitude, mention something specific about the interview, and encourage them to follow up with you.   

If you follow these five tips you can be sure that you will impress the hiring manager and make a good first impression. Many employers lean towards hiring less experienced applicants just because they made a stronger connection and see them as a better culture fit within their organization. Therefore, if you are able to make a great impression in a job interview, you are effectively increasing your chances of getting hired. 

Written by

Jose Caceres

Marketing Manager

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