Top Tips to Prepare for a Phone Interview.

So, you just got an E-mail from a hiring manager, and they want to interview you for a position that you have been looking forward to. Yet, this one is different… It is a phone interview. How do you know if you are giving the right answers? Are you explaining yourself well? Do they even like you? Unfortunately, you cannot see their faces or body language to get a clue about how well you are doing. You might start to feel anxious right about now, but you have nothing to worry about if you prepare. Here are our top tips to prepare for a phone interview: 

  1. Prepare your environment 

First, you should confirm the date and time that the interview will take place. That way you can get your environment ready for the call ahead of time. Make sure you are in a quiet, and relaxing space. Maybe you can put a video of a beach on your tv, sit next to a window with a nice view, or light up some lavender candles. This could help your nerves calm down and portray confidence over the phone.  

Also, make sure you are in a room that has good reception. You do not want the call to be cut off before the interview is over. Test the reception in all of the rooms that you think would be ideal for the interview, and choose the one that works best.  

  1. Prepare yourself 

Wear clothing that makes you feel confident, comfortable, and professional. You want to be in your most professional mindset, and seeing yourself in office clothes might help with that. In addition, research the company, how to answer the most common interview question, and some good questions to ask your interviewer. Write this information on a cheat sheet to help you in your interview. One of the advantages of phone interviews is that the interviewer will not see you reading.  

Make sure you have your resume nearby just in case you are asked questions regarding your work experience. Lastly, during the interview, write notes and formulate questions that relate to the conversation you are having; this will show that you are a good listener and are interested in the role. 

  1. Prepare your phone 

Your phone is your most critical tool for a phone interview, so make sure it works perfectly and does not create any distractions. Make sure you charge it at least 30 minutes ahead of time. The higher your battery percentage the better. Also, turn off all notifications so your applications won’t cause any distractions during the call. Lastly, make sure your ringtone is at a high volume and vibrate is on; that way you will surely hear the phone call when it comes in. 

  1. Present yourself when answering the phone 

One of the difficulties of phone interviews is that the interviewer won’t know if they got the right number until they actually call. Because of this, you should say your full name when answering the phone. Answer in the following way “Hi, this is (insert name here). How may I help you?” Your voicemail should also be emptied and rerecorded, just in case the call does not go through. As previously mentioned, it should contain your full name in the following way “Hi, you reached the number of (full name). Please leave your number and name, and I will call you back as soon as possible.” 

  1. Ask about what comes next in the interview process 

If you have a phone interview, you are probably on the very first step of the process. Chances are that the next interview will be in person or through a video conference if the job is remote. Make sure you ask what to expect next, and while you are at it, mention your interest in the role. This will communicate that you are fully committed to more interviews and the position. 

There you have it! Our 5 top tips to prepare for a phone interview. By following these tips, you should be able to have a pleasant, professional, and informative conversation with your interviewer. We hope these recommendations help you have a positive phone interview experience, move you up in the selection process, and ultimately get you the job. 

Written by

Jose Caceres

ISGF Marketing

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