Why You Shouldn’t Ghost a Recruiter or Prospective Employer

Why You Shouldn’t Ghost a Recruiter or Prospective Employer


We’ve all been “ghosted” before. The conversation is flowing, and things are going well until suddenly, the other person stops responding without reason and vanishes into thin air.

The truth of the matter is that ghosting prospective organizations is never a good thing when it comes to being a job seeker. When you ghost a prospective employer, it can cause a snowball of negative results in your job search. Who wants that?

Just because you wouldn’t want to work for the company doesn’t mean they don’t deserve respect and professionalism on your part. Here are some key reasons why:


Reason 1:

One of the main reasons you should never ghost an organization is that you may want to apply for a different position that’s better suited for you in the future. You don’t want to come off as unprofessional or rude and then come back for round two as if nothing happened. Reapplying might also mean explaining why you had ghosted in the past, and that’s just plain awkward.  Imagine having to say this, “Dear Hiring Manager, I know I’ve been rude and a poor communicator in the past, but I’m really interested in this Communications Coordinator position and believe I am qualified…” Pretty cringe right?

Reason 2:

Similarly, you wouldn’t want to ghost a recruiter for the same reason. Recruiters get new clients and jobs all the time and they might have another position that you’re interested in eventually. Following up with them is critical and the most professional thing you can do.

Reason 3:

Another reason you shouldn’t ghost is that recruiters, hiring managers, and organizations are very well-networked, and word of mouth could do you a disservice in this scenario. If you are unprofessional to one organization, chances are it could hurt your reputation overall for other opportunities. In a similar context, if your friend or colleague recommended you for the position and vouched for you and they find out you ghosted the company, they might not send more opportunities your way.


Ultimately, you shouldn’t ghost a prospective employer or recruiter because it is simply unprofessional and could ruin your reputation. Even if it feels awkward or uncomfortable, always be honest with the hiring team and take the high road in letting them know you are no longer interested in the opportunity. If your paths cross again in the future, you will be in good standing and your chances of landing a position won’t be hurt.


Written by

Olivia González

ISGF Marketing


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