A Guide to a Successful First Day

A Guide to a Successful First Day

Making a positive first impression on your first day doesn’t need to be complicated. Your first day is a chance for you to establish who you want to be and represent the best version of yourself in your new role, so take advantage of this opportunity and own it. 



A good night’s rest is important to succeed any day, but it is extremely important the night before your first day. Six to nine hours of sleep is recommended for those aged 18 – 60+, according to the National Sleep Foundation.  

Decide your appropriate attire and have it readily available for the next morning. Waking up restless and scrambling to decide what to wear is easily avoidable by prepping the night before. Be sure that your attire falls within dress code guidelines, but also represents your personality. If you aren’t sure what the guidelines are, be sure to ask your new employer prior. Also remember to leave early to avoid any traffic delays, as arriving late is unacceptable. Test drive the commute before your first day around the same time you would be on the road so you may plan your route accordingly.   



Meeting the team is a great way to start networking within the office. You’re going to meet a lot of new faces and remembering everyone’s name can be a challenge. Here are a few great tips on how to conquer meeting the team: 

  • Give a warm smile 
  • Firm handshake 
  • Introduce yourself  
  • Repeat the person’s name back to them 


Repeating someone’s name aloud while making eye contact decreases the chance of you forgetting their name in the future and establishes your active listening skills.   


Be a Team Player  

Get to know everyone a little bit better in a more casual setting by going out to lunch or eating your lunch with other co-workers. Create an opportunity to learn your new team beyond their job titles and make an effort to be a part of the conversation.  

If you arrived prepared with a packed lunch, save it for tomorrow and accept their offer to eat out. Be sure to return the favor afterwards to show you are a team player and your appreciation for the gesture.  

It is common for there to be work place tensions among co-workers. Colleagues may caution you or say negative comments about other employees. Stay neutral and remain out of the conflict. Remember to stay positive in your conversations, carry yourself well and don’t be afraid to ask questions when appropriate. 


Working Late 

Agendas run late and tasks don’t go as planned during operational hours. Whatever the circumstance, don’t be in a hurry to leave on your first day. Show you are willing to put in the hours by staying later. This reflects on you as an employee and the investment you are making in the company. 


End the Day on A Good Note  

Take notes and the initiative to properly learn your new role to the best of your abilities. Be sure to thank those who assisted you on our first day and say goodbye to those who introduced themselves. Be ready to tackle tomorrow by having a plan on what to expect for the days ahead.  


Own your first day as you take these steps in starting your new career. 


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