Job Searching While Still Employed

Job Searching While Still Employed


It’s common to be intimidated by changes in your life, especially drastic changes such as looking for and starting a new job. Because of this fear, many are uncomfortable leaving their current position until another is lined-up due to the uncertainty. Here are several steps to consider while looking for a new job, while still employed.


Keep Your Search Confidential

Once you make the decision to start looking for a new job, DO NOT announce it to any of your co-workers at your current workplace. Rumors have the tendency to spread rapidly and can cause your colleagues or management team to resent your efforts.

In addition, DO NOT list current employers or co-workers as references. Depending on your internal company relationships, co-workers discovering you are searching for a position elsewhere can be detrimental to your current position.


Review Your Online Presence                                                                          

One of the best ways to find a new position is by maintaining a positive online appearance and interacting with other professionals who can help expand your network. Being active on social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, are beneficial and also gives you an opportunity to take a deeper look into the companies you are considering.

Look over your other social media profiles and do a general “clean-up” of anything you don’t want to be associated with your image. Employers will be looking, and you want to show them the best version of yourself.


Don’t Speak Poorly About Your Employer

Never speak ill of your previous employer to your new employer. Keep your conversations focused on your skills and why you are interested in advancing your career.

Remember to stay focused on your current role. Just because you are job searching for another position does not excuse a lack of effort in your daily tasks. Continue to work diligently throughout your employment to show your professionalism to your current employer as you build your skills and knowledge to transfer over into the next job.


Don’t Lie

Keep your integrity. Sometimes, even when you take necessary steps to prevent your current employer from discovering your job search, they can still have a way of finding out. If confronted, remain honest and DO NOT lie. If your present employer asks if you are looking for a new position and you are, say yes. Even though uncomfortable, being upfront is more comfortable than lying until the truth arises. This is also not a time for you to get everything off your chest about why you dislike your current employer or position. Be professional, be courteous, and be brief.


Recruiters Help

When you’re faced with leaving your current job, using a recruiter can help you. At ISGF, we have over twenty-eight years of experience helping job seekers like you find their next opportunity. Let us help you get your forever job and start your success story. Contact us today online or call us at 407-481-9580. ISGF, LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE).


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