Factors That Might Be Keeping You From Getting the Job

You’ve been training for the sales industry; you’ve got the perfect personality, never meet a stranger, and your motivation is through the roof. You’re ready to knock them down with your product or service, which is of course the best they will ever find. Now that you’re stoked and ready to go land that high-paying sales job, here are a few things that guarantee a competing job candidate will snatch it right out from under you.


  1. You decided that since the company is known for being relaxed and laid back, you won’t dress conservatively for the interview as you normally would. A comfortable pair of jeans, your favorite t-shirt and some flip-flops should work just fine.
  2. Decide not to send a cover letter with your resume; after all, the good stuff is included on the resume itself, so why bother? No need to put yourself out.
  3. Appear needy and desperate. Instead of demonstrating your confidence in your abilities, act like you just cannot go on in this world unless you land the job. This should ensure that you have plenty of time to spend playing computer games or out on the golf course.
  4. Leave your cell phone on during the interview – after all, you never know whose call you may miss!
  5. Convey to the person interviewing you how every boss you have ever worked for was an idiot; oh, and don’t forget to add that all of your co-workers were jerks. This should instill a potential employer’s confidence in you.


These are just a few tips that ensure you can spend all the time you like fishing, playing golf or watching the Food Network all day long. If you’re going to land that sales position, follow the rules and most of all – be prepared! The idea is to make yourself stand apart from other job candidates, but in a GOOD way.


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