Interviews Gone Awry – They’re True, We Promise

Interviews Gone Awry – It DOES Happen.


It’s understandable that when you go on a job interview you may be a bit nervous or anxious; after all, you want to make the best possible impression on a prospective employer.  Sometimes, trying so hard and getting overly stressed about your upcoming interview can make things worse.  What are the silliest, craziest, most unbelievable interview blunders that have actually happened?  That’s what we will talk about here – and some of the things that real people have done in a job interview will leave you speechless.  If you have ever actually made a mistake yourself, you may not feel so bad after reading this!

Due to an unstable economy, it is said that there are five people who apply for every job opening that becomes available.  Knowing that, it is essential that you present yourself as the best possible job candidate.  Enjoy reading these true, but embarrassing job interview moments.


  • One applicant sent in a resume that was packed full of errors; in the cover letter, the applicant asked the hiring manager if someone on staff could clean it up for them.  True story, according to an article in the Wall Street Journal!


  • Can you imagine asking the hiring manager or individual who interviewed you if they would mind giving you a ride home?  This happened too according to Career Builder.


  • In one Career Builder survey, hiring managers were asked about the funniest or strangest things that a job candidate did during an interview.  One answered that a job candidate actually wore pajama bottoms to the interview. Even if the dress is casual, this is a bit too much.


  • Even though you may not be aware of your own bad habits, watch yourself when on a job interview.  Another participant in the survey mentioned above stated that he had actually had applicants light cigarettes, laugh like a hyena, pass gas, belch and pick their noses.  Be sure that you consciously check your bad behavior outside the interview room.


  • One job candidate apparently forgot part of his wardrobe in preparing for the interview.  During the interview, a balding man excused himself.  He returned a few minutes later wearing a hairpiece.  True story, according to  Most men look better “au naturel”, so leave the rug at home.


  • Also listed as one of the top blunders on was an interview in which a potential job candidate had to interrupt the interview in order to call his therapist for assistance in answering specific interview questions.


  • Never bring your children to a job interview, even if you have to pay a sitter to keep them while you are out.  One woman showed up at an interview with her two children; during the 20 minutes that the interview lasted, the kids were loud, disruptive, restless and had to visit the restroom twice.  Completely true story, one of the seven deadly sins of interviewing according to The Ladders.


This list of interview blunders could actually go on for miles; there are literally hundreds of silly and unbelievable mistakes people have made during job interviews.  Suffice it to say that those who committed these interview “sins” likely did not land the job.  Don’t let this be you!  Always be totally prepared, dress the part and present yourself and your abilities in a professional manner.


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