Getting the Most Out of Your Recruiter

Those who use a recruiter in their attempt to find the perfect position or career can help themselves immensely by following a few simple rules.  A recruiter, also sometimes referred to a “headhunter” can assist you in your job search, hopefully helping you find a position that is perfectly matched to your skills, qualifications and career goals quickly.  Here are a few tips to maximize the results you get when engaging the services of a recruiter.


  • Above all, be honest and open.  When working with an experienced and professional recruiter, representing your experience, qualifications and intentions falsely will usually backfire.  Capable recruiters will check your background, and most do know what to look for. Also, make the recruiter aware of any jobs you have already interviewed for so that he doesn’t set you up with the same employer again.


  • Don’t be afraid to question the recruiter!  You want to know who you are working with, so fire out the questions.  Ask him/her about their experience level, if they have certain areas of expertise, and how large their client base is.  A reputable and successful recruiter won’t mind the questions, and will in fact be glad to demonstrate their expertise and ability.


  • Treat a recruiter as if they were the hiring manager.  While you know they are not the one who will make the final decision, you should always act in a professional manner.  Keep in touch and don’t pull a “disappearing” act should a recruiter try to contact you.  If you have found work or decide you’re not interested, let the recruiter know.  Frequently, a recruiter is the first point of contact with a company, so treat the situation with the attention and professionalism it deserves.


  • Never feel overlooked or neglected when you don’t get a call back.  Keeping an open line of communication with your recruiter is important; if he/she doesn’t call, it shouldn’t be taken as a slap in the face.  It simply means that your skill set is not the best match for a current opening or position.  A successful recruiter is a busy recruiter; time doesn’t always allow for every candidate to be called or contacted when a hiring decision has been made.


Keep these tips in mind, and you will find that you and a recruiter can get along just fine.  By being open and honest, your search for the ideal job will hopefully end sooner rather than later.


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