What Does the “Ideal” Candidate Have That You Don’t?

How to Be the Right Candidate


The perfect salesperson is never satisfied.

Are you a strong, driven type who constantly desires to exceed previous accomplishments? The ideal salesperson is never satisfied with their results, even if those results are exceptional. They constantly strive to make that “one more sale” or to beat their previous month’s sales. Everywhere you go, you see a prospective buyer for your service or product.

Rejection doesn’t get you down – it motivates you even more.

Some salespeople cannot handle rejection; they feel that if they do not make the sale, they have done something wrong or not done as much as they could have to persuade the prospect to buy. To the “ideal” salesperson, rejection is just a fleeting thought that is here one minute, gone the next. They realize that the product or service they offer is not for everyone; if turned down, this type of salesperson is quickly on to the next sale. They just ramp things up and never let rejection slow their pace.

Capable and independent.

People who have to be told what to do next will never make it in a sales career. Do you work well on your own, without supervision? The “ideal” salesperson doesn’t need someone telling them what to do; in fact, most work better independently. Those who are self-starters quickly take action, they do not wait for a supervisor to give them guidance or instruction – they prospect on their own, and have no need for approval.

Do you possess these characteristics?

The perfect salesperson is confident and assured; they have a strong desire and commitment to doing whatever it takes to make the sale, especially when they are certain that their product/service is the right solution for the prospect. They also realize they must put their offer in front of their target audience – that is an audience with a need/want/problem that the product will solve.

Give these things careful thought and consideration; if you think that you possess these characteristics or could with just a little work, you should have no problem landing the sales position!


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