Your Posts May Haunt You If You’re Searching For a Job

How Social Media Can Hurt Your Job Search

Sure, nearly everyone has a Facebook account today and it’s fun – even nearly addictive to some people. Frequently, people post about whatever they are thinking at the time – which could be detrimental in your job search. Whether you’re venting about your boss or a co-worker, or bragging about that new tattoo you got, be careful what you write; it could very well come back to bite you in the you-know-what.

While you may think it is wrong for potential or current employers to check up on you or see what you have to say on that Facebook or Twitter page, it doesn’t mean they won’t do it. Many employers use the internet now to see what they can find out about potential job candidates or current employees. Remember that what you say online is out there for the whole world to see – including employers.

People often don’t stop to think what impact something they post on social networking sites may have on their future. You may have posted something about your former boss or a position you held in the past, and think nothing about it; however, it will still be there when a prospective employer is checking up on you. What will be the first thing that comes to their mind? If you posted negative comments or private information about a previous employer, you’re likely to do it again – only this time your posts may be about their company. Doesn’t shed a positive light on you, does it?

Employers prefer employees who understand that Facebook and other social networking sites are not the places to rant about dissatisfaction in a job, how their boss is a tyrant, etc. Not only that, but you probably don’t want to brag about all of your piercings, tattoos or those wild parties you attend either. All of these things can tarnish your image, making a potential employer think twice before hiring you – which probably won’t happen after they read all of your musings.

It’s estimated that about 45% to 50% of employers use Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram to check up on job candidates. What exactly is it these employers do NOT want to find? Information about drug or alcohol use, defamatory remarks, inappropriate pictures and private information.

In a world where technology has made it so that the internet is the first place people go to look for information or to do some sleuthing, it’s best to keep some things to yourself, including your opinions about your boss, co-workers and employment in general. As one blogger so eloquently put it, Facebook is an equal opportunity information trap.


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