Crafting the Right Job Description

Whether your company is needing to hire for a new position or expanding, you want to attract top talent. Don’t overlook the importance of the job description.

Your job description should be the first step in weeding out candidates.


Job Title

When people are searching for jobs, they use keywords. If those keywords don’t appear in your job title, qualified candidates might miss your job posting. This may seem like an easy part to create. You may want to be creative with your job title but doing this could severely limit your candidate pool.

Be direct with your job title instead to attract qualified candidates.

Use Enticing Language

Creating an official job description is important. But that’s not what you want to use to attract candidates.

Always write job descriptions with potential candidates in mind. Be enticing but honest. Discuss exciting parts of the job and why your company is amazing. Your goal is to get the applicant’s attention, get them excited about your company, and have them apply immediately.

Discuss Growth

You want candidates to apply who are motivated and who are qualified for the job.

You can achieve both of these goals by discussing growth opportunities within your company, promotions and incentives provided. Good candidates want to see this track, not simply just a salary range or a list of tasks.

Job Boards and More

Most people look for new jobs in many locations. Posting your job on multiple job boards is the right strategy.

You should also post your job on many social media channels. Encourage your existing employees to share the post, using your employee’s networks can reap great rewards and help find your right candidate.

Use a Recruiter

Experienced recruiters help you craft a job description that is clear and honest. At ISGF, we know where candidates look for all types of jobs and we can target them to present you with the best candidates possible. Our goal is to save you time, effort, and cost by hiring the right candidate the first time.

ISGF has a team of seasoned recruiters who will work with you to make sure your job description attracts top talent. Contact us today online or call us at 855.240.ISGF.