Setting Realistic Staffing Goals

Hiring new staff is a challenge for even the most seasoned business owner. Creating a job description that catches the eye of qualified candidates, taking the time to review resumes and conduct interviews; all while managing to run your business is a taxing experience.

No matter what, you must make time to set out your hiring goals. If you don’t do that, you risk making a seemingly good hire but at the wrong time.

Setting Your Goals

Goal setting is important in all aspects of the business. And there’s no place for a complacent approach to your hiring strategy. Setting hiring goals and keeping up with industry trends allows you to make the right hire at the right time.

Unfortunately, you can’t hire everyone tomorrow. Finding the right employees takes time and effort, so being realistic will help. It can be overwhelming if you need to hire a dozen new employees in varying positions this year, but not when you break it down by quarter or even by month. Giving yourself realistic expectations can increase your chances of hitting your staffing goals.

Reducing Turnover

Turnover is a morale killer for your team and frustrating for you. Besides that, turnover costs your business up to 213 percent of the lost employee’s salary. Making sure you start with the right new hire will reduce the failure rate and boosts company morale.

You’ve been burned before and you thought you found a great new employee and then, without warning, they quit. So what do you do?

Learning and Adjusting with Each New Hire

Reducing your turnover starts when you decide to fill an open position. You need to ask yourself if this position fits in with your hiring strategy and needs. You also need to make sure you understand the position because if you don’t understand it completely, your applicants may become confused.

One of the best ways to reduce your new hire failure rate is to team up with a seasoned recruiter. At ISGF, we have helped companies create and execute effective hiring plans, ensuring the right employee is hired, the first time.

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