WOW Your Potential Employer During Your Interview

WOW Your Potential Employer During Your Interview

If you’ve already done your homework, you know that the interview is the most important aspect of landing the job.  This is your chance to make a great impression and maybe your last if you fail to come across as the right person for the job.  You know (or should know) the importance of dressing the part, but there are a few little things you may not realize can make a huge impact during the interview process.

Have you done your research?  Yes, you DO need to research the company you want to work for!  An employer is impressed when you know something about the company, such as the types of products they make or sell.  By knowing the size of the company, a bit about the history, and what it is that they do, an employer will be able to see that you have a true interest in the company and the job.

Employers often ask questions such as “Why do you want to work for our company?”.  By doing the research, you won’t be left speechless.

Put your best etiquette into practice.  You know that you should be polite, but what else do you need to do to put yourself in the position of “most likely candidate for the job”?  Have a confident handshake.  You don’t want to have an embrace that is too strong but never present a limp hand.

Good posture is a sign of someone who is self-assured and confident.  If you tend to slouch, try to work consciously on your posture prior to the interview.

Make eye contact with the hiring manager or person conducting the interview.  Again, this is a sign of confidence.  You should also speak politely and in a professional manner, avoiding slang of any kind.

One thing you should absolutely never do in an interview is knocking previous employers or display your dislike of former job duties.  Make sure you are enthusiastic, positive, and upbeat if you want the employer to remember you when it comes time to make a decision!

What will you do when it’s YOUR turn to ask the questions?  Yes, most employers will give you an opportunity to ask your own questions during the interview process.  If you haven’t done a bit of preparation for this, you may be caught off guard and left with nothing to say, which can be awkward.

If you have done your research on the company, you will have some questions prepared.  While you never want to take over an interview, most employers expect you to have a few questions.  By being prepared, you can ask intelligent questions about the requirements for the job, the position itself, the company, and the expectations of the person chosen to fill the job vacancy.

There is much more to a job interview than simply showing up and answering questions.  Be prepared, do your research, practice on a strong handshake and good posture, and be confident!  Confidence in yourself and your abilities along with a strong knowledge of the company often makes the difference between the candidate that lands the job and those who are never thought of again.


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