Need a Job? Use a Recruiter to Your Best Advantage

Recruiters are in the business of matching up companies in need of employees with the ideal candidate. There are several ways that a company can advertise an opening, which include online job boards, recruiters, networking and probing the internet for suitable candidates. All of these methods of finding the right employee are extremely time-consuming, and most companies simply do not have the time to sift through the hundreds of resumes submitted to an ad posting.

Are you one of the many who post your resume to several job sites? While this is a good idea, you are competing with an unknown number (probably hundreds) of candidates for a single position – what is the likelihood that you will get noticed above the other candidates? Unless your resume really shines, it isn’t likely to stand out to an employer.

It is essential that you use keywords strategically on your resume, so that when recruiters search the career sites to find the ideal candidates for a company, yours will rise to the top. Recruiters work for employers; it is the job of the recruiter to find an individual who possesses the skills, qualifications, and even personality traits that a company desires.

Send your resume out to recruiters that you feel are experienced and capable; your resume will give the recruiter a good “feel” for your experience, qualifications and skills. By sending your resume to recruiters you feel are qualified, you are essentially putting your resume in front of many of the types of jobs you really desire; a recruiter can often look at your resume, and instantly think of a company looking for someone with your exact qualifications.

To put it simply, looking for a full-time job can be a full-time job – especially today when most job markets are fiercely competitive and there are fewer jobs available. Write a resume that briefly summarizes your most relevant skills, that is concise and highlights your strengths. Use verbs in your sentences that demonstrate your enthusiasm about the type of work you are looking for. Make your resume stands out from the rest, and avoid droning on and on about your responsibilities in previous jobs; instead, talk about what you achieved in your positions, how your performance was beneficial to the company.

When a reputable recruiter has your well-written resume in hand, it can be the link that places you with the perfect employer.


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